About Cheap Toms

one for one toms

Thanks to our amazing customers, Toms has given over 2,000,000 pairs of new shoes to children in need around the world. We kicked off our Toms for the first ever one day without shoes. It may seen weird to honor this barefoot day since we started as shoe company, we know, but one day without shoes is about more than what it seems. Partners in health has been a Toms shoe giving partner since 2010 and we’re excited to have her share about some of the exciting opportunities and work they do in the field with Toms shoes and children’s health interventions in Malawi. It’s that time again! Every year for the past six years, TOMS has dedicated one day to awareness, we call it One Day Without Shoes, and the premise is simple: go barefoot. You can visit the page to read more about Toms shoes.


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